Gaelic Bred and Oughtism

I’ve been shutting myself in, this week. I felt bombarded by people wanting to know my opinion so they could decide for me whether or not I needed to have it changed. Hmm, I’ll seek out the information I feel is necessary to help me consider that, thank you – and do so from a source I feel I can trust. Now, there’s a problem. I’d also like to be able to decide when and how I enter any part of a debate, but thank you for the many opportunities I’ve been offered, to give knee-jerk reactions to contentious and inflammatory remarks.


Apart from having leaflets thrust into my path, there are collection tins of varying credibility, clipboards from over friendly chuggers and posters shout at me from windows while A-boards catch my feet before catching my eye. Reaching my destination requires some determination. Can I do without that loaf of bread? Yes – No- I’m undecided, tell me.


It can only be good to feel pride in ones homeland so long as that pride manifests in a way that does not undermine its value. The National Autistic Society Scotland says ‘Accept difference, not indifference’ which is a good maxim, I feel, particularly in finding a way to move forward whatever the result of the Independence Referendum.


I do take my chance to say what ought to happen, why and how. I’d be happy to agree to disagree, though, unless I feel the views I’ve been asked to give have not received due respect or consideration. I would press a point then. I’m interested to learn.


Time will tell if the changes afoot have warranted the anxiety I’m feeling about, what I see as fractures that have been forced open unnecessarily at a time when unity is required to achieve a full recovery from blatant greed, selfishness and apathy. Either way it’s down to the people. ‘People make Glasgow’ we learned during the Commonwealth Games but we have enough world history to teach us that people make whatever they want under many guises across all terrains. Many noble ideals have been proffered by people, only to be bastardised and thwarted by more people. That’s the part of the cycle we need to watch out for.


Wherever we’re from, whatever our views, we need to pull together for the wider good to be in with a chance of having a society that allows us to get to where we ought to be in our individual lives. We’ve seen the result of everything else. We’re still feeling it and living it. I’m not feeling liberated by the freedoms we enjoy.

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