Follow My Leader?

Does our tough-man ‘Cambo’ lead by example? Does he want us to do as he does and not just as he says?

Well, if so and you get a bill that you’ve agreed terms on but now just don’t fancy paying – simply don’t. It’s fine, Cambo says so and is setting the example he wants us to follow.

If you can’t pay, because of a change of circumstances – say our leaders mucked up everyone’s plans for life – well then you’ll be fined, gaoled and stigmatised, but just get a bit miffy and you’ll look like you have principles.

Isn’t that the sort of scenario that goes through your head between the first and second sounding of the alarm clock on a morning? Weird, unsettling but containing a modicum of reality somewhere?

Is it reality? It’s hard to tell nowadays but taking the principle further, then I do not want to have to pay for a Monarchy. Versailles does pretty well from tourism without the former heads – oh, sorry – of the country taking a slice – sorry again – for doing nothing, and without the sanction of ‘da people’.  I’m not suggesting any blood letting but they all love charity work so let them help the country through lean times for next to no pay like is expected of the rest of us.

Do you think Buck house would look better with the golden arches instead of gates, and the aroma of burger and gherkin wafting across the red ash rather than the smell of horse/bulls**t?. Whatever.

Next, I don’t want to pay any MP more than the average wage. They need to be able to relate to how people actually survive with what we have. We’d see who is in it for conviction rather than career only.  I don’t want to pay for MP’s second homes. Anyone else working away from home needs to accept that as part of the job and can claim that back as a legitimate expense but let’s save the country a bundle by having an MP’s accommodation block with all the facilities needed to do their jobs.  Meeting rooms, workspace, a printer or two, fully costed to the last paperclip and free of any frills. Food offerings should consist of the budget of a single person on benefits – as it’s believed they have it so good and all that freshness and nutrition can only inspire them to work to their best despite their drab surroundings, away from home.  Any spare rooms in the block could be made available to the homeless for the night. What an opportunity to engage with the common man.

I don’t want to pay for a welfare safety net that wastes money and time worsening the life experience of those who need it at a time when they can least cope. I less want to pay for those who abuse it, though, and they should be sought out.  There need only be a single point application where the basic facts are established so this can be matched up to what an individual is entitled to. It needn’t be as complex as it is and must waste a fortune.

I don’t want to pay our Government to stigmatise genuine welfare claimants, turning workers against them as is so cynically attempted by our Chancellor from time to time.  Less still do I want to pay for a welfare safety net for the failed greed of our business leaders who cost us all so dear and get off scot-free. Nor do I want to save failed private institutions. Let them fall on their own sword as expected of the man on the street and divert our collective funds to protect the deposits of customers (in the case of Banks) and whatever protection is needed for the victims of such sanctioned folly.

I don’t want to be forced to support private enterprise. All services crucial to the prosperity of our nation should be communally owned and paid for. We should never have handed over power production to private companies who form a cartel. Our transport systems should be affordable and available to everyone and our NHS needs to focus on the health of our nation rather than career opportunities and profit.

Finally, for now, just to oblige with an autistic curve-ball –

I don’t want to pay for other people’s lies, broken promises and egotism. So, when I next enter a polling booth and see a list of names of people I’ve only heard of because it’s polling time, or I’ve heard them say one good thing – for the same reason – I’m not going to pay with my self worth or my integrity by feeling obliged to pick any one of them.

I will register my choice and it may well be to declare that I have no faith in any of the people who want us to choose them. Old allegiances no longer exist. Principles have been abandoned and I will not condone anyone who tries to prolong the agony of deceit. A majority of ‘No confidence’ votes would have these people reeling in desperation to adopt a new way and our polling system may need to change to reflect that.

We’ve had much bigger turmoil in recent years so maybe its time the people exercised their right to take back power, democratically, fairly and by the due processes that exist today. It could be the only revolution where we’re not left going round in circles.



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