HOW TO: Get Out Of This Life Alive…Part 1.

Clear way forward

Clear way forward

Or: Beat The Bullies

One thing that’s guaranteed to evoke a negative response is to have a fair point and to express it. Wow, who needs fireworks? Some of us genuinely can’t help but to keep making that same mistake, over again, but having learned how pained and lonely that can leave you, I’m beginning to see the benefits.

Why be daunted by those little cliques that feel the need to form in self-defence? When you demonstrate the strength to follow your own path, they just become the nasty little weeds along the way to be trodden down.

They need to combine all their joint forces in order to try and combat – you! That’s clearly a group to which you can have no real desire to belong. It will be painful to see how many people you’ve admired walk away from you, but that pain is only masking the success you are achieving, so, off with that mask too.

See all that success for what it is. Discover the truth about how worthless are the people you thought you liked and let them leave you. Difficult as that will seem, it saves you the task of wasting your energies on each of them and saves you the pain of telling them to ‘get lost’ in as nice a way as only you’d care to try. Job done.

It would be easy to mistake this new freedom and honesty for isolation and loneliness. You have, though, reached a point of real, powerful individuality. Using that innate power has set you apart from those who are only able to hide behind others they recognise as being as weak as they are. They need their ‘strength in numbers’ as they each have none of their own.

You have achieved success they know they’ll never attain and that, in itself, will be a torment to them and will likely increase their natural response to want to destroy what is good in someone else to mask the reality of what is so hideous about themselves.

The more they focus their venom on you, clearly, the more effective you have been. Beware their ‘cornered rat’ reaction, it isn’t pretty – oh, and congratulations. Hey, hey.

It may not feel like a point of celebration to have even more of those who are rotten to the core snapping at your heels, but it shows you have clearly won that round and freed yourself from some of the detritus.

Look out for part two…

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