Breaking New Ground

Breaking New Ground

On the 19th of February 2015, Auticulture Network secured its first donation of land thanks to the generosity of Anna and Fiona at Gartnavel Royal Hospital in Glasgow. This significant show of trust and support is the beginning of what is hoped to be a very busy growing space over the year ahead, to be recorded on this site which in turn will become a new hub for inspiration, self discovery and self-empowerment.

Beyond all that we hope to facilitate a means by which all people with an autistic spectrum condition  can enjoy new ways of demonstrating to themselves and the rest of the world just how good life can be and how much we are able to contribute, using our very many special abilities.  We can break down barriers in our own thinking and limitations, social experiences and in the way we express ourselves – just by setting a good example and coming to know the most freely available resource around us – nature.

You never know, someone might just listen!  look here – someone listened to us and we have a set of keys to show what we can achieve.  Next Thursday we should get our next set of keys for our second site where people near to that location can become the next link in our network of discovery and hope.  Improving environmental health for all and changing opinions – think about it…

We even want those close to us to have a go with their own gardening sessions, so they can relax and enjoy a new perspective on life.

Understand nature, understand life

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