The Pointlessness of an Internal Investigation

Oh what a tangled web they weave…

Love, Belief and Balls

I keep gulping down deep sobs ever since I read Sara Ryan’s latest blog post yesterday. ( It is the latest in the catalogue of shameful, deceitful, inhumane behaviour by the Authoritys involved in the death of LB. How can the State treat the people they are paid to serve with such utter contempt?

We had an experience back in 2008 of the sham of the “independent internal investigation”. It is nowhere near on the scale of what Sara’s family are going through but it alerted me to the depths Officialdom will sink to prevent the truth from being revealed.

This is a year before Steven was taken away. One day, with no notice at all, the council stopped the contract with the agency that were supplying Steven’s support workers. We weren’t allowed to be told “why” the contract had been cancelled – it was none of our business. Left…

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