Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters, and Righteousness Like an Ever-Flowing Stream.

Some of the most productive, worthy plants have been swamped under mounds of manure first but as that continues to decay there’s that seed of hope drawing the energy back to fight on.

Love, Belief and Balls

I’ve been wanting to write something for Justice For LB #107days Take Two. It is hard to top the amazingness of last year but the Justice Shed are really going for it. It has clearly been a very hard week in the Justice Shed. The almost permanently silent Oxon CC launched a missile of deadly, cuntish magnitude. It is hard to survive an attack like that. In the past year, I’ve met Sara and Rich several times and each time have been in awe of their courage, dignity and fantastic humour. If anyone can get justice to roll down like waters, it is these two.

My language already gives away the theme of this post. It’s about the battles families find themselves in when something horrendous happens to them or their loved ones. I don’t like war like language – I find it nearly always overblown but it does seem…

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