So, what are you gonna do about it?

Mark Easton wrote an article on the BBC News website entitled: Savile: How Could This Be Allowed To Happen?’ While today, Prime Minister Cameron unveils new measures that would extend the crime of ‘wilful neglect’ to cover the social care and education of children, with fines for organisations and individuals who can be shown to have let people down.


That’s great, even if there is a hint of too little, too late and only then because of an impending election, but cynicism aside, seriously, how could this be allowed to happen?  Well, to go all Al Gore again, the inconvenient truth is the inconvenience of the truth and in the light of this ‘new discovery’ that people in positions of trust abuse that trust and the people who place their trust in them, and continue to get away with it because they continue to hold the balance of power unchecked by any effective regulators, so this continues now. Continue reading