Weathering the Storms



With humility, I can say that I’ve never felt so reassured by my feeling ‘at odds’ with Society at large and even smaller communities.  Self-serving opportunism is now epidemic with little evidence of learning from having observed how this has developed and what it has developed into, in recent decades.

It may not bring me friends or riches but I’m pleased to remain my autistic – not stupid – self,  and recognise that my Aspergers gives me the focus on what actually matters in my life.  I’m not wasting any more of it trying to make sense of senseless man-made constructs and skewed judgements when all I need to find contentment is already within me.

The few friends I have are quality friends.  The little I have is meaningful to me.  I’m not chasing any rainbows.  I have a life to live.

Shedding tiers

In the run up to the UK General Election we are deluged by the latest round of promises unlikely to be kept – certainly not in the form they are being presented to us. The same old, same old is what has led our Country to be unable to even pretend to care about providing the ‘services’ promised.  Any attempt at this is left to altruistic dogsbodies who contribute so much, recognising the need and value of genuine care within our communities, while those in ‘control’ look after themselves and their cronies first, with a bit  left over to placate the rest of us.  It’s the national version of what the many within the social care system experience as a regular part of life.  Inefficiency, pretense, dishonesty, self preservation. Is this the time when those with the least while contributing the most will decide enough is enough and things are about to change? Continue reading