Smile Like You Mean It.

Loving you has made me bananas.

Loving you has made me bananas.

This is a guest post from Sarah J about coping with her partner’s late diagnosis.  All sounds very familiar!

The past few months have been a learning curve. Highs and lows coming to terms with my partner’s diagnosis of Aspergers. I couldn’t see it at first. He was 48. How could he have got though life, holding down jobs and relationships without the condition being diagnosed? It seemed too far-fetched, but I went with him through the diagnostic process and it was like a glaze being removed before my eyes. I saw idosyncracies in a different light.

Previous arguments about how to stack the dishwasher, where coats should be hung, not to mix veg or leave shoes behind a door… took on a new meaning. He wasn’t just being ridiculously particular and demanding. It distressed him if things were done in an unexpected way. And it wasn’t that he felt his way was better – he truly couldn’t conceive that anyone would do things differently. Continue reading