Be Quiet


When more have a voice and a view and ever better ways to express them, there remains a disparity in the proportion of the worldwide audience actually willing to listen. Attention may be paid for objection-handling purposes or to feel involved by responding, somehow but that’s not the same as listening. No wonder we’re left with such a cacophony.

It can ring in your head far louder than on your phone and intrudes into every part of your being – then you’re caught. It can be really hard to find any inner peace or stillness and actually know your own thoughts from those imposed on you and it can take a while to extricate yourself from this influence…and that’s how it rules.

To spot deception in the world can make you really vulnerable to attack. To voice objection to it will, most definitely will. It can be shocking in its ferocity but your own integrity is tested when you realise the part you played in this eternal game, unwittingly or not. Do you continue to comply? If so, then how much?

This is the point when you can find space to consider – if you dare – any self deception that has created on-going harm to yourself and others. This is the point when you have a chance to discover real peace. Self-deception is the most harmful of all. Change the habit, though, and the transformation in your life is freedom. While everyone else continues shouting you can look inside, sense the peace and just be quiet.