Here and Now

Two of my favourite slogans are Nike’s ‘Just do it’ and the one seen on many a Land Rover; ‘One life, live it’, although I saw an alternative, reading; ‘One wife, livid’ which made me smile. I appreciate anything that makes me smile but my appreciation of the other slogans pertains to the power of their gentle encouragement and recognition of the here and now as a really important point of focus.


Whatever went before, we move on, or not, from the here and now and while it may not be to our liking, it gives us the point from which to measure what it will require to make us closer to something better. We may or may not have, or want help and, either way, it can be difficult to find the motivating factor that could push us to towards achieving our required outcome. It’s in there but it must be found and found in time.


It can appear lost and not surprisingly so. We may be locked in aspirations that are no longer for us, missing out on the subtle messages around us pointing to something that may be even better for us – now and here. Continue reading


My German barber, Herr Kutz, has shown real interest in the range of developmental disorders within the autistic spectrum, since my diagnosis.  Their level of severity is as variable, too. ‘They are recognisable, though’, he concluded, ‘within definable boundaries unlike the myriad of differences among everyone else outside of the spectrum.’ Wow, he speaks my language.

And so, the conversation moved to how variable is the level of independence shown by individuals within and without the spectrum.  ‘A great deal of it is not just one’s ability to be independent but one’s desire to be independent – then there’s the definition of what counts for independence’ He said.  A moot point here in Scotland, as the Independence Referendum approaches rapidly. Continue reading