Gaelic Bred and Oughtism

I’ve been shutting myself in, this week. I felt bombarded by people wanting to know my opinion so they could decide for me whether or not I needed to have it changed. Hmm, I’ll seek out the information I feel is necessary to help me consider that, thank you – and do so from a source I feel I can trust. Now, there’s a problem. I’d also like to be able to decide when and how I enter any part of a debate, but thank you for the many opportunities I’ve been offered, to give knee-jerk reactions to contentious and inflammatory remarks.


Apart from having leaflets thrust into my path, there are collection tins of varying credibility, clipboards from over friendly chuggers and posters shout at me from windows while A-boards catch my feet before catching my eye. Reaching my destination requires some determination. Can I do without that loaf of bread? Yes – No- I’m undecided, tell me. Continue reading

Debatable Independence?

Aroused by the prospect of change.

Hopes, fears, passions rising, it’s getting heated, confusing, loud, bright, fierce, unsettling.  Too many people around me, too close, it’s all too close.  Where can I take refuge in predictability?  Where can I feel safe in the comfort of routine and structure?

Is this what we have to endure until the Scottish Independence Referendumb is concluded?  Well, yes, unless you have an ASD, then it’s just a ‘normal’ day.

Calmeth down.

Food For Thought

With the intensity of the Scottish Independence debate wafting out of the zone of frivolous apathy (to be hijacked by the bossies, of whatever ilk) towards the realisation that the date that was plucked out of thin air in the belief that it would never actually arrive (Nostradamus’ influence, perhaps?) we do now realise that a very serious topic, and all of the consequences thereof, will be decided on, next week.  That will be it.  Then the next blame game will commence.

Scotland the Brave will be in the spotlight, viewed from all over the world.  Has the debate been conducted well?  Will we be viewed as a country whose residents and leaders are worth listening to? Have our leaders led in a style that befits their status?  Is that status seen to be deserved?  Well, has the public been offered facts in an objective and pragmatic manner? I would say not – from my skewed perspective, of course. Continue reading